Plastic PET Bottle :Plant Set-up & Cost

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Plastic PET Bottle

Plastic pet bottle recycling plant set-up cost may vary from plant to plant depending on the land and standard of machinery used etc. But this plant may become a boon for the environment as its benefits are what the need of the hour for our environment is. To understand the need for plastic pet bottle recycling plant set-up cost, we have to understand the type of plastic that polyethylene is.

What is PET

Polyethylene terephthalate or PET (also known as PETE) is the common type of plastic used. PET is the type of plastic used in the manufacture of single-serving plastic bottles. Recycling 1, is the code they are designated by. This symbol has nothing to do with the single use of a PET bottle or its repeated use. PET bottles, being extremely light, help to reduce the emission of contaminants during transport. Because they require less fuel during transport, they help save energy as well. PET is recognized globally for its recyclable packaging material and is considered safe. Moreover, PET is a primary constituent in various industrial and consumer products.

Although the proportion of refillable PET beverage containers is increasing worldwide, most PET bottles around the world are one-way bottles that are discarded after use. PET bottles are increasingly contributing to the generation of waste and litter in developing countries in particular. If we want to save energy for primary PET production, say 65%, recycling PET bottles is one way to do that. Moreover, it provides jobs and income for low-income groups. Utilisations & Applications In numerous products, recycled PET is converted.

Growth of PET bottles

Survey of the Market the production of PET bottles has been on the rise over the past several years, primarily for the use of beverage bottles, and due to their convenience, it is expected to increase further. Post-consumer PET bottle recycling has gained considerable popularity and many methods of recycling have been proposed. Growth in the world's large PET market (and recycling) is critical. The recycling of PET appears to be feasible in two aspects: one is the need for the market and, second, the need for the market is just in the same direction as the environmental request for the reduction of waste materials in the fields or waste in general. Fibre Industry is the one industry that comes first in mind which is considered as the big consumer of recycled PET in India. In the last decade, bottle PET flakes have been made up of a steadily growing number of ingredients

Estimated plastic pet bottle recycling plant set-up cost

In a basic plant,

  • The cost of the grinder shall be around Rs. 80,000.
  • Aglo - Rs. 80,000.
  • The second-hand granule maker, in good condition, can 4 lakhs which includes a granule cutter.
  • Electricity connection is needed and that would cost around 3 lakhs.
  • The building construction costs, the basic building can be done at around 10 lakhs.
  • Boring connection is also requisite and that cost according to the water level of the land.
  • Certain permissions from the pollution control board and maybe other authorities will be required for which they will demand their subscribed fee.
  • Rs.20,000/- for buying a weighing machine, sack stitcher, etc., and other miscellaneous expenses.

(Note- Price is excluding land and land is an important factor. It depends on person to person whether they want to lease any land or buy it, and if buy the land then at what price they buy)

Thus overall it would cost you around 20 lakhs.

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